Coaching is certainly a hype nowadays, but it is ancient and of all times. In our coaching practice we focus on the essence which can be summarized by the following three citations: 

Our coaches build on management and life experience, and substantial knowledge of the client-centered psychology (Carl Rogers and followers) and the System-theoretical approach. Each coachee is treated respectfully as an individual and receives a personal approach. 

em. prof. dr. Yvan Vanden Berghe co-ordinates our coaching activities. He was a professor at the Universities of Antwerp and Hasselt (international relations, diplomacy and corporate ethics). He took on management assignments at both universities, pioneered on educational renewal and coached hundreds of students, many assistents and lecturers. He researched political leadership in an international context and published a number of books on the impossibe relations between Russia and the West. He was profoundly trained in the client-centered psychology (a.o. by Carl Rogers himself) and also was educated in the System-theoretical appraoch. 


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